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Famous Indian Cricketers

Cricket, being a gentleman’s game, expects players to uphold the spirit of fair play and adhere to ethical standards. However, there have been instances where renowned Indian cricketers have faced bans imposed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) due to various reasons. In this blog post, we delve into the stories of five famous Indian cricketers who were banned by the BCCI and explore the reasons behind their bans.


1. Mohammed Azharuddin

Mohammed Azharuddin, a prominent Indian cricketer and former captain, faced a life ban from cricket in 2000. The ban was a consequence of his involvement in match-fixing. Azharuddin was found guilty of accepting money from bookmakers and providing them with insider information. His ban remained in effect until 2012 when it was lifted by the Andhra Pradesh High Court due to lack of substantial evidence.

2. Ajay Jadeja

Ajay Jadeja, a stylish batsman known for his aggressive stroke play, was banned for five years by the BCCI in 2000. His ban was a result of his alleged involvement in match-fixing during the South African tour in 2000. Jadeja was found guilty of associating with bookmakers and not reporting their approach to the authorities. After serving the ban, he made a comeback to domestic cricket but never played for the national team again.

3. Sreesanth

Sreesanth, a talented fast bowler known for his exuberance and aggressive on-field behavior, faced a ban from cricket for his involvement in spot-fixing during the Indian Premier League (IPL). In 2013, he was found guilty of conspiring with bookmakers and deliberately underperforming during IPL matches. The BCCI imposed a lifetime ban on him, which was later reduced to seven years by the Supreme Court of India. Sreesanth’s ban expired in 2020, allowing him to resume playing cricket.

4. Ankeet Chavan

Ankeet Chavan, a left-arm spinner, was another player implicated in the spot-fixing scandal during the IPL in 2013. He was found guilty of conspiring to concede a predetermined number of runs in exchange for money. As a result, Chavan was banned for life by the BCCI. Despite efforts to appeal the ban, it remains in effect to this day.

5. Hiken Shah

Hiken Shah, a domestic cricketer known for his batting prowess, was handed a five-year ban by the BCCI in 2015. Shah was found guilty of approaching a fellow player from a different team and offering him money to underperform during a domestic tournament. His actions violated the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Code, leading to the ban that effectively ended his professional cricket career.


The bans imposed on these five famous Indian cricketers highlight the zero-tolerance policy of the BCCI towards corruption and unethical practices in the game. While these players achieved success on the field, their involvement in match-fixing and spot-fixing tarnished their careers and the reputation of Indian cricket. The incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of integrity and fair play, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to maintain the sanctity of the game.

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